Music is an essential part of our lives. It shapes our culture and our identity. The everyday playlists and every concert tracklist is associated with special memories. RECAP_MY_MUSIC visualizes your individual musical taste by using your Spotify data, making it visually accessible, comparable and shareable with others. RECAP_MY_MUSIC helps you to answer the question what kind of musical preferences you have by showing you your most listened genres and other stats.


Spotify allows developers to create web applications that make use of their gigantic music library and can load data from registered users. RECAP_MY_MUSIC searches for every Spotify Wrapped playlist that is linked to your account and analyzes their content for specific patterns (e.g. music genres, popularity index, characteristics of the tracks, etc.). After that it builds the charts using this analyzed and sorted data. Be aware that the genre classification of the tracks is not 100% accurate because it's only possible to base them on genres that are assigned to the participating artists.


React and Next JS as framework
Tailwind CSS for styling
D3.js and the Victory library for the data visualization
Github (source) and Netlify for deployment


Niklas Buchfink
Lea M√ľnger
Max Werner
as part of the IDA program at HSLU in Lucerne :)